PT Revolution is the #1 event for private practice PT owners, and your opportunity to see the plan & proven business model from the fastest growing PT Company in the world, which is helping patients obtain better outcomes and business owners like you make more money. The event is free, there is no obligation, and nothing will be sold.

As a private practice owner, you realize you can’t keep doing what you’ve always been doing. The profession is changing, and you’re facing massive challenges from hospitals, mega PTs, declining reimbursements, insurance companies and more.

A new, innovative business model has been developed by FYZICAL for physical therapists called PT-Rx. At PT Revolution, you’re going to hear all about PT-Rx, including how it’s helping PTs achieve incredible success in the new age of healthcare AND how it can help you take your PT business to a whole new level.

You’ll discover…

Immediate Action Steps

Including the #1 way to increase sales & profitability IMMEDIATELY

Your Business Future

How to manage a successful PT practice in the new age of healthcare

Business Strategies

How to gain a massive competitive advantage over all of your competitors

PT-Rx Business Model

The breakthrough business model specifically designed for the small business owner

Sharing Knowledge/Power

How working together can both save you money and make you money

How to Increase Profits

Decrease cancellations, generate more referrals, increase referral conversion rate, and more

You’ll hear stories from individuals before and after they joined FYZICAL, and what their business looks like today.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet these franchisees that have been able to take advantage of the PT business model and are seeing tremendous success in their practices. You can ask them anything about their experience with FYZICAL!

You’ll also have the opportunity to witness a truly inspiring keynote speaker, while discovering business tips, hands-on lessons, and tons of networking.



Get inspired by top speakers, and walk away with tools and knowledge to manage your practice better and the inspiration to do great things.
(See agenda below for specifics)


If you feel like your business already runs like a well-oiled machine, you will also discover A LOT of things you can (and should) be doing for your patients. You’d be surprised at what you may be missing


You are going to feel like you’ve walked away with a doctorate in managing your practice after attending PT Revolution. While business and patient care come first… we are going to have a little bit of fun too and encourage you to do the same.


Prepare to make new friends. These are private practice owners actually working together and serious about each other’s success. There are hundreds of practice owners who’ve joined FYZICAL all working together, sharing ideas, best practices, and more. Ask them anything you want!


7:30am – 8:00am

Check-In / Registration

Please arrive during this time to check-in, register, network with attendees, and grab a light bite / coffee with a continental breakfast.

8:00am – 1:00pm

PT Revolution Presentation

Discover the PT business model helping private practice owners achieve phenomenal success, including:

The #1 way to increase sales & profitability, which helped:

  • Chris Mulvey grow from $680k to $4.2 million
  • Scott Pensivy grow from $2.1m to $5.2 million
  • Mike Graves grow from $6m to $8.25 million

How to increase your referral conversion rate
Do you know what your referral conversion rate is today? Prior to FYZICAL, Alex Matz thought his referral conversion rate was between 90-95%. Since attending PT Revolution, and since he started tracking them, he realized he was way off. Alex once operated a $967k practice at 10% profitability. Today, his same practice generates $1.375m in revenue at over 20% profitability.

After discovering the principles revealed at PT Revolution, Alex said, “I feel like I have an MBA from Harvard and the numbers to back it up.”

The 7 Steps to Decreasing Cancellations
Do you know you cancellation rate today? The answer isn’t 10-15% either. It’s an exact number and should be tracked daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Brian & Melinda were at 20% cancellations prior to implementing the 7 Steps. Now? They are at 6%. This can make a massive difference to your revenues.

How to increase your cash sales to over $100 PER Unique Patient
Do you know what your unique cash sales per patient is today? Tony Macaluso is generating $109 per UNIQUE patient that he sees. Prior to attending PT Revolution, Tony was averaging around $4.50 per unique patient. Eric Bjorkman attended PT Revolution because he saw it as an excuse for him and his wife to get out of town for the weekend. Since attending PT Revolution, Eric’s business has grown 45%, and his cash sales are nearing $100 per unique patient.

The answer to declining reimbursements
This business model is the future of physical therapy. This business model is the reason Risa Hofmeister, who operated an $8 million private practice, aligned with FYZICAL. She realized this is the future of physical therapy. Today, Risa operates a $10 million practice and has an optimistic view of the future.

The balance program revolutionizing physical therapy
Mike Strakal attended PT Revolution in 2014. He and his wife had built a $993k practice after 25 years. Since attending PT Revolution, and adding the balance program revealed at the event, Mike & Genie are on pace to generate over $1.5 million in revenue this year (with the same existing staff!)

And so much more…
Management techniques, marketing programs, inspirational patient stories, tactics to improve your current business, solutions to your daily challenges, networking opportunities, and more!

For the June 24th event in West Palm Beach…

This event is taking place in the exact same location as FYZICAL’s annual Brand Triumph event where FYZICAL franchisees from across the country get together to share knowledge, best treatments, best business operations and so much more.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to see and communicate with people who have actually joined FYZICAL and hear what their stories are directly from them!

Keynote Speaker: Keni Thomas

Additionally in West Palm Beach, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from decorated U.S. military veteran-turned-country musician Keni Thomas. Keni gives a personal account of his heart-wrenching experiences in the chaotic 1993 Battle of Mogadishu to express a unique set of leadership lessons and inspired view of our greater purpose.
(Discover more about Keni Thomas here)


“I drove 662 miles (each way) to attend PT Revolution… and I’d do it again” 

I manage 10 locations, generating over $10 million in annual revenue. I booked my flights to attend PT Revolution back in 2014. After receiving eye surgery, my doctor informed me I couldn’t fly for the next 6 weeks. I made the decision to drive 662 miles from Omaha, NE to Dallas, TX, back and forth, with my business partner to attend. I would make that drive 100 out of 100 times again if I knew what I was going to capture at the event. – Risa Hofmeister & Mike Bryant, Omaha, NE

“I’ve increased my cash sales from $2,000 to $48,000 after attending”

It was 2014, and FYZICAL kept sending me letters, and I kept throwing them in the trash. They didn’t stop. I finally started reading the letters, and I thought they were just another group of yahoos trying to take money from me. So I continued throwing them in the trash. Sure enough, FYZICAL didn’t stop mailing me. My business was heading in the wrong direction, reimbursements were decreasing and my revenue was declining year after year. I finally went to one of a PT Revolution event in Houston, TX, which was about a 5 hour drive away. Attending was the best decision I’ve ever made in my business. – Tony Macaluso, New Orleans, LA

I built a $993k practice in 40 years. In the past 2 years after attending this event, I’ve turned the same practice into a $1.7 million+ business.

The first meeting I attended was in Las Vegas. I went into the meeting very skeptical, and regrettably, cynical. As the presentation went on, and I started hearing what the benefits of FYZICAL were, and how they truly were speaking to me as a knowledgeable PT, I started listening more intently and realized what this opportunity truly entailed. I saw an opportunity to become part of a group of independents all on the same mission and became a member of FYZICAL in 2015. I almost ran my MBA from Notre Dame through a paper shredder after going through FYZICAL’s business training. I couldn’t be any happier about joining the FYZICAL family. – Mike Strakal, Tulsa, OK

I attended PT Revolution BEFORE opening my practice. Now, my practice is generating over $500,000 at 20%+ profitability. I realized 5 things after attending PT Revolution:

  1. The business model put the owner first, seeing that the success of the practice meant success of the franchise as a whole.
  2. FYZICAL had a better understanding of economy, physical therapy industry, trends in healthcare and business management than I did.
  3. FYZICAL has a better marketing plan for practices than I could come up with on my own.
  4. FYZICAL’s values and beliefs of putting the patient first, offering growth opportunities for employees and ethical practices aligned with my own, in addition to their branding expertise.
  5. I will be more profitable by going with FYZICAL than trying to go on my own. I have a different path in my career/business/life because of the ability to plan and execute better than before.

-Sanjeev Joseph, Lakewood Ranch, FL

Our business continues growing… and we’re laughing at the individuals who originally called us “suckers” for franchising with FYZICAL. 

We had received about a hundred mailers inviting us to a PT Revolution event, so we decided to go – after all, it was a free event – so what did we have to lose? We were blown away. Our first step was to begin fixing inefficiencies in our business by implementing the strategies we were taught. We finished 2015 at $523,631 in revenue, but most importantly, we laid an important framework for future growth.  In 2016 our business grew by almost 20% (19.6%) and we grossed $626,203. However, the most notable improvement in 2016 was becoming 10x more profitable than the previous year! One of the most impressive things we learned was the 7 steps to reducing cancellations, and our cancellation percentage from 20% down to 6%. – Brian & Melinda Sganga, Lake City, FL


Saturday, June 10th, 2017

Seattle, WA

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Seattle Airport Marriott
3201 S 176th St
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Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Los Angeles, CA

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Saturday, June 24th, 2017

West Palm Beach, FL

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Palm Beach County Convention Center
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This is your opportunity to see the plan revolutionizing physical therapy and discover exactly how to build your own.

“Healthcare is changing rapidly in the United States. If you don’t have a plan for the future, you will be left behind.”

Professional Guarantee

We absolutely, 100%, unequivocally GUARANTEE that we will share with you information gathered from over 200 successful medical practices across the nation the #1 way to increase your sales and profitability immediately. This will be something you can implement into your practice the following Monday. We are willing to share this information with you so we have the opportunity to share what FYZICAL is all about.

Our 100% guarantee is that if we fail on our promise and you don’t think we have given you an answer to immediately increase your sales and profitability, we will pay all of your expenses for coming to this meeting and provide you with a check for $500.


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