The #1 PT Business Model Guaranteed to Secure Your Private Practice Future

The #1 PT Business Model
Guaranteed to Secure Your
Private Practice Future

Entrepreneur Magazine Top New Franchise 2015 Award
Entrepreneur Magazine Fastest Growing Franchise 2015 Award
Entrepreneur Magazine Top Ranked Franchise 2017 Award
Franchise Gator Top 100 Franchise Award

FYZICAL® is a revolutionary physical therapy franchise business model helping private practice physical therapists achieve phenomenal success in the new age of healthcare and into the future, while remaining 100% independently owned.

Heart hands Patient Care


The #1 Balance Therapy Program in the world, helping you generate immediate, substantial growth in your practice while serving a major unmet need and helping exponentially more patients.

PT Rx the business model for physical therapy


A proven, evergreen library of success (over 2,000 pages) dedicated to helping you manage your business with tried and tested tools for marketing, management, outcomes, branding, compliance, exit strategy, and so much more.


The future of physical therapy will not allow you to keep doing business the way you’ve always done. PT-Rx is the new PT business model helping private practice owners achieve success in the new age of healthcare and into the future.

Success Story Tony Macaluso Circle

"My business grew 28% before spending one penny marketing."

“This growth was attributed to simply improving the efficiency inside my current practice. Since joining FYZICAL, my cash sales have also grown from $2,000 to $48,000!”

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Success Story Tony Macaluso Circle

"I almost ran my MBA from Notre Dame through a paper shredder after going through FYZICAL's business training!"

“I built a $993k practice in 40 years. In the past 2 years with FYZICAL, I’ve turned the same practice into a $1.7 million+ business.”

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Success Story Tony Macaluso Circle

"Therapist to the stars and famous athletes grows business from $2 million to $5.2 million!"

“Since joining FYZICAL, I’m able to pay my employees more, provide much greater opportunities, and spend significantly more time doing what I love.”

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Success Story Brian and Melinda Sganga Circle

"Last year, our business grew 20%, and our profits skyrocketed!"

“Moving forward, we have lofty goals… and we have the tools, the knowledge, and the plan, to get there. We’re laughing at the business owners who called us “suckers” for franchising with FYZICAL.”

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Success Story Circle

"I love helping others, but I was not helping my family nor my employees!"

I went from $680,000 in revenue to over $5 million since joining FYZICAL.

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Success Story Circle

"We’re on track to generate $3.1 million at 23% profitability this year."

“Prior to joining FYZICAL… we employed 16 people and were just weeks away from closing our doors. We now employ 35 full time employees.”

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Success Story Circle

"I grew my practice 218% in just 12 months!"

“Before FYZICAL, I was $60k in debt. Now? I’m no longer stressed about my future, I am traveling, and I drive a Ferrari (well, I rented one), and I have a business I am proud of.”

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Success Story Tony Macaluso Circle

"MBA, JD, and PT (for 25 years) learns how to double his profitability (and then some)."

“After discovering (and implementing) FYZICAL’s business principles, I feel like I have an MBA from Harvard and have the numbers to back it up.”

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Success Story Circle

"We are the last private practice in our area"

“It doesn’t matter if you are in the heart of New York City, Rural Georgia, or somewhere in between… the FYZICAL system works.”

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Success Story Circle

"My cash sales are nearing $100 per unique patient that walks through my door!"

“The only reason I went to PT Revolution in the first place is because it was in Las Vegas and I thought if the meeting was a bust, at least my wife and I were in Las Vegas for a getaway. I never imagined what this meeting was going to do for my business.”

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Success Story Circle

"My wife wasn’t happy, but I cut my vacation short to attend PT Revolution."

“My business partner Bruce and I were managing a relatively successful multi-unit PT business, but I just had the feeling I needed to be at this event. I was right!”

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